Promoting your ad

Promoting your Ad

There are many ways to promote your Ad. Making sure your ad is attractive, free of punctuation errors, has the right prices, etc are one way to promote your ad and distinguish it from other similar ads.

Another major way is by using ad features.

What are features?

Features are used to make your ad stand out in the listings. They give your ad more visibility and a better chance at selling. There are different features, so it’s good to know the different ones and what they stand for to be sure one is selecting the appropriate one.

When can I feature my ad?

You can feature your ad whenever you like. It could be when you post a brand new ad, or you could feature a regular ad that have been posted if you realise you are not getting the desired responses.

How do I feature my ad?

If you want to feature a new ad, while posting the ad and inputting the details, you could choose one of the "premium ad" options below the page which includes "urgent ad", "top page ad" or "top page ad + urgent ad".

Meanwhile, if it is already a posted ad which you will like to edit, probably because you are not pleased with the responses, you could login to your account and check your posted ads, choose he one you will like to feature and edit. Then, you can select one of the "premium ad" options and save.

What are the features available?

There are different features you can buy for your ad.

-  The Urgent feature puts a tag on your ad for seven days, to let people know you need to sell quickly. The ad will move down the listings, like a regular ad would, but people can search specifically for ads marked as urgent.

-  Top page feature is like an express pass back to the top of the listings. If your ad has been on the site for a while, and want it to move up to get more views, that’s what this feature does. It also resets the ad’s duration to 30 days, so really it’s like getting a new ad.

-  Top page ad plus urgent ad puts together the characteristics of the top page ad and urgent ad and adds it to your ad to make it get more responses and get more probability to sell.

Quick tip: Go through some listings before you buy a feature. You’ll be able to see how they look on the site.

What else should I know?

Once you feature your ad, we won’t be able to refund you if you change your mind, so make sure you choose the one you want. You also won’t be able to remove the feature from the ad or transfer it to another ad. If you don’t like the way it works, you’ll have to delete your ad and post a new one.