Will Tita.ng request for my personal details especially my password?

Tita.ng will never request for the password to your account on our website. Please beware of anyone posing as an Tita.ng Agent requesting for your password. Kindly protect the password to your Tita.ng account and do not share this information with anyone. As soon as you are contacted by anyone requesting this information, please contact us.

Why can’t I find all the images I posted along with my ad?

It is important that the images posted are directly relevant to the ad posted and conform with our terms of use at Tita.ng. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but images which fall in the under-listed category will be removed from ads posted:

Images of children

Images portraying nudity

Watermarked Images

Images with third party website address / URL

Why was my ad description edited?

The quality of ads posted on our platform matter a lot to us. As a result, we are focused on ensuring that ads posted have really good all-round quality in terms of image, title and description. A badly, punctuated ad, with wrong spelling can really work against an ad and sometimes, even change its meaning. We are here to help! We have edited the ad and corrected the typographical errors on your behalf.

Why was my ad deleted?

There are several reason why your ad could be deleted.

1. Your ad may have been deleted because the price quoted is below or above its current market value. Please ensure that the price for your item is reflective of its market value.

2. Your ad could be deleted or suspended if we find out that you are using multiple accounts/e-mail address to post the same content. We apologize, but this is not allowed under our Terms of Use and Posting rules policy. Kindly confirm which of your email addresses you would like to keep using so that we can reactivate one of your accounts.

3. Your ad contains prohibited items.

My advert has been put on hold. Why?

Your ad can be placed on hold if you tried to post several items within one ad

How can I share ads on Facebook or Twitter?

Log in to your Tita.ng account, go to My ads, click on the advert you want to share, scroll down until you see Facebook/Twitter icons, click on a particular icon to be able to share the link.

What are the prohibited items on Tita.ng?

Please, take a moment to review the items which are not allowed to be advertised on Tita.ng

Narcotics, steroids, and any drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist


Restricted military/police items

Human organs

Illegal/pirated copies

Stolen property

Code grabbing and lock picking devices

Electronic equipment prohibited by the law

Sexually-oriented services

Loans, money transactions

Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs

Network marketing and “Home Base Business” jobs

Products (offers or services) prohibited to sell by the law

Please take note:

Food and healthcare items should have a clearly marked expiration or ‘use by’ date.

Ads can't contain pictures of nudity.

How long will my ads stay on the site?

Your ads will remain on the site for 3-6 months (since the date of the last update) before they are automatically deleted or until you decide to deactivate them. Please note that you can update your ad if you haven’t sold your item.

How to report illegal/fraudulent activity on Tita.ng?

If you see something suspicious on Tita.ng, please, report the problem by contacting us; either sending mail or via our social media pages.

How to buy goods on Tita.ng?

When you choose your desired product, contact the seller via phone or email and close the deal.

How to find job on Tita.ng?

When you choose your desired job , click on the button  ‘Apply’  and the employer gets your CV or you can call the employer directly to ask him about the details of the job. Then you can apply.