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Bosch fuel injection pump catalogue 105007-1000 DN15PDN100 bmw spray nozzle zexel Business

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bosch fuel injection pump catalogue 105007-1000 DN15PDN100  bmw spray nozzle zexel

We also can supply many other models of Nozzle tips, below list some model information, welcome inquiry!

Nozzle List


Nozzle 105007-1000 DN15PDN100 DN_PDN   MITSUBISHI zexel

Nozzle 105007-1350 DN10PDN135 DN_PDN   MITSUBISHI zexel

Nozzle 105007-1300 DN10PDN130 DN_PDN   MITSUBISHI zexel

Nozzle 105007-1290 DN10PDN129 DN_PDN


Nozzle 105007-1360 DN0SD135 DN_PDN    

Nozzle 105007-1330 DN0PDN133 DN_PDN all zexel

Nozzle 105007-1310 DN0PDN131 DN_PDN ISUZU zexel

Nozzle 105007-1280 DN0PDN128 DN_PDN all zexel

Nozzle 105007-1271 DN0PDN127 DN_PDN ISUZU/EXPORT zexel

Nozzle 105007-1240 DN0PDN124 DN_PDN ISUZU/EXPORT zexel

Nozzle 105007-1223 DN0PDN122 DN_PDN ISUZU zexel

Nozzle 093400-8220 DN0PDN121 DN_PDN NISSAN/YANMAR/MAZDA zexel

Nozzle 105007-1130 DN0PDN113 DN_PDN   NISSAN/NISSAN-D zexel

Nozzle 105007-1120 DN0PDN112 DN_PDN   MITSUBISHI/ISEKIISUZU zexel

Nozzle 105007-1100 DN0PDN110 DN_PDN   ISUZU zexel

Nozzle 105007-1080 DN0PDN108 DN_PDN   ISUZU zexel

Nozzle 093400-6810 DN4PD681 DN_PD   TOYOTA denso

Nozzle 093400-6090 DN15PD609 DN_PD   MITSUBISHI denso

Nozzle 093400-5060 DN15PD6 DN_PD   MITSUBISHI denso

Nozzle   DN15PD100 DN_PD   TOYOTA  

Nozzle 093400-5760 DN10PD76 DN_PD   EXPORT denso

Nozzle 093400-6510 DN10PD6 DN_PD   MITSUBISHI denso

Nozzle 105007-1020 DN0PDN102 DN_PD   ISUZU/MAZDA zexel

Nozzle 093400-6500 DN0PD650 DN_PD     dens

bosch fuel injection pump catalogue 105007-1000 DN15PDN100  bmw spray nozzle zexel

If you are interested in our items, please feel free to contact us:

Contact Name:Chris Huang

Cell & Whatsapp:+86-15375976183



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