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Alh tdi injector nozzle replacement DSLA150P706 for vw seat skoda Business

3 months ago Automobiles Lagos   54 views


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  • alh-tdi-injector-nozzle-replacement-dsla150p706-for-vw-seat-skoda-big-1
Location: Lagos
Price: ₦3.35

alh tdi injector nozzle replacement DSLA150P706 for vw seat skoda

Sandy (JU)
china lutong

#alh tdi injector nozzle replacement DSLA150P706 for vw seat skoda
#alh tdi injector nozzle replacement DSLA150P706 for VW 1.9-2.5 TDI

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Turbocharged direct injection or TDI is a design of turbodiesel engines featuring

turbocharging and cylinder-direct fuel injection that was developed and produced by

the Volkswagen Group (VW AG). These TDI engines are widely used in all mainstream

Volkswagen Group marques of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles made by the

company (particularly those sold in Europe). They are also used as marine engines in

Volkswagen Marine and Volkswagen Industrial Motor applications.The TDI designation

has also been used on vehicles powered by Land Rover-designed diesel engines.

The TDI engine uses direct injection, where a fuel injector sprays atomised fuel

directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder,rather than the pre-

combustion chamber prevalent in older diesels which used indirect injection. The

engine also uses forced induction by way of a turbocharger to increase the amount of

air which is able to enter the engine cylinders,and most TDI engines also feature an

intercooler to lower the temperature (and therefore increase the density) of the

'charged', or compressed air from the turbo, thereby increasing the amount of fuel

that can be injected and combusted.[These, in combination, allow for greater engine

efficiency, and therefore greater power outputs (from a more complete combustion

process compared to indirect injection), while also decreasing emissions and

providing more torque than the non-turbo and non-direct injection petrol engined

counterpart from VAG.



Advantages: high efficiency, low pollution, ultra low fuel consumption

#alh tdi injector nozzle replacement DSLA150P706 for vw seat skoda

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